Annual WPUDA Awards

2023/2024 Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award 
Randy Knowles, Klickitat County PUD Commissioner

Good Samaritan
Lewis County PUD crew members: Brad Peters, Bob Hadley, Joel Chandler, Travis Merriman, Hunter Blair

WPUDA Educational Scholarship
Aleena Maycumber, Ferry County
Kenna Newell, Skamania County

WPUDA Lifetime Achievement Award

The WPUDA Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor presented by the Washington Public Utility Districts Association. It recognizes the commitment of an individual to the philosophy and purpose of public power and water and to WPUDA. Commissioners, managers, or employees of a member PUD of WPUDA, either past or present, who has shown exceptional leadership in and dedication to the ideals and principles of the association is eligible to receive this award.

Each member PUD is eligible to submit one nomination from its own or another district. The final decision will be made by the WPUDA Awards Committee.

Past Winners

2023/2024 Randy Knowles Klickitat County PUD
2022  Linda Gott Mason County PUD No. 3 
2021 Steve Wright
Bob Hunter
Chelan County PUD
Kitsap County PUD
2020 Paul Rogers Kittitas County PUD
2019 Dan Peterson, Dennis Bolz Pend Oreille PUD, Chelan PUD
2018 Ed Brost, Bill Dobbins Franklin County PUD, Douglas County PUD
2017 Bob Geddes, Doug Miller, Karl Denison Lewis PUD, Pacific County PUD, Mason PUD No. 1
2016 Dick Price Stevens PUD
2015 Roger Sparks and Ron Hatfield Kittitas PUD and Pacific County PUD
2014 Gary Hicks and Ron Ihrig Asotin PUD and Klickitat PUD
2013 Lynn Heminger and Tracy Colard Douglas County PUD and Mason County PUD No. 1
2012 Tom Casey and Jim Sanders Grays Harbor PUD and Benton PUD
2011 Ted Simpson Clallam PUD
2010 Dave Muller Lewis PUD
2009 Tom Svendsen Klickitat PUD
2008 Benjamin H. Settle Mason PUD No. 1/No. 3
2007 Shirley Reese Energy Northwest
2006 Vera Claussen Grant PUD
  Mike Doneen Douglas PUD
2005 Harlan Warner Okanogan PUD
2004 Jim Wall Chelan PUD
2003 Robert Graves Benton PUD
  John Goldsbury Benton PUD

William T. Elmgren Public Service Award

This award pays tribute to the more than 50 years of public service by former Clark County PUD Commissioner William T. Elmgren. Any full-time district employee below the manager level who exemplifies PUD commitment and involvement in the community is eligible. Candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria: Community service that addresses or improves the community’s social, educational, cultural, economic, or environmental condition; including involvement in service clubs and volunteer work;
  • Governmental service activities, including membership such as city council, school boards, elected and appointed positions;
  • Professional/technical ability, leadership on the job, outstanding work performance, and relationship with fellow employees;
  • Offices held or leadership in local or other organizations, and;
  • Other related activities.
A traveling plaque with the winner’s name and year is displayed in the PUD district office. A second plaque is presented to the employee. In addition, WPUDA awards a $250 contribution to a local charity chosen by the recipient.

Past Winners

2023/2024 No recipient  
2022 No recipient  
2021 No recipient  
2020 Don Coppock Okanogan PUD
2019 No recipient  
2018 No recipient  
2017 No recipient  
2016 Scot Erickson Chelan PUD
2015 Debbie Gallaher Chelan PUD
2014 Sarah DeLozier Chelan PUD
2013 Susy Anderson Grant PUD
2012 Carol Wardell Chelan PUD
2011 Carl Jonsson Grays Harbor PUD
2010 Brad Hawkins Douglas PUD
2009 Dave Andrews Cowlitz PUD
2008 No recipient  
2007 Gary Long Benton PUD
2006 Len Anderson Douglas PUD
2005 Ray (Mac) McGregor Douglas PUD
2004 Steve Lovitt Grant PUD
2003 Todd Blackman Franklin PUD
2002 No recipient  
2001 No recipient  
2000 No recipient  
1999 Ronald Scott Ihrig Klickitat PUD
1998 Bobbi Weller Ferry PUD
1997 Michael Brennan Wahkiakum PUD
1996 Michael Babst Chelan PUD
1995 Mary Jean Lord Klickitat PUD
1994 Jeff Smith Chelan PUD
1993 Judie Stanton Clark Public Utilities
1992 Herbert Curtis Douglas PUD
1991 Fred Howard Snohomish PUD
1990 Wayne Wright Chelan PUD
1989 Keith Silen Klickitat PUD
1988 Denny Evans Pacific PUD
1987 Robert Hanson Snohomish PUD
1986 Rick Reil Benton PUD
1985 Richard Thompson Mason PUD
1984 Edward Parker Okanogan PUD

Good Samaritan Award

The Good Samaritan Award is presented to a Washington public utility district employee or employees who in the past year demonstrated meritorious action in a life-threatening situation. More than one Good Samaritan can be nominated if involved in the same incident. Nominations may come from managers, commissioners, or employee groups. The winner of the Good Samaritan Award will be honored with a personal plaque.

Past Winners

2023/2024 Lewis County PUD Crew:
Brad Peters
Bob Hadley
Joel Chandler
Travis Merriman
Hunter Blair
Lewis County PUD 
2022 Sharon Mataya Skagit County PUD
2021 Tommy Jensen
The Emergency Response Team
(Roy Bensch,Jeremy Coleman,

Stephen Gilliland,Travis Havens,
Tyrone Mertes,Brian Saunders,
Mike Allen,Willie Stone)

Clark Public Utilities
Grant County PUD
2020 Levi Dunlap Energy Northwest
2019 No recipient  
2018 Jeff Wittler, Helen Berglund Clark Public Utilities, Grays Harbor PUD
2017 Bonnie Young and Corenne Moses Lewis County PUD
2016 Joe Helvey Clallam County PUD
2015 Noah Mawae, Mel Ferrier and Kevin Phillips, Larry Schaapman, employees of Okanogan PUD Clark Public Utilities, Mason County PUD No. 3, Grant County PUD, Okanogan County PUD
2014 Jeff Moses and Chelan PUD Crew: Cindy Bowen-Lorrain, Darren Davis, Todd Melton, Chris Shimer, Daniel Martyn Cowlitz PUD and Chelan PUD
2013 Vince Campagna Mason PUD No. 3
2012 Michael D. Howe Okanogan PUD
2011 Dale Benner, Steven Tobin, Justin Mills, Natheon Camus, Steve Button, Toni Fairchild, Rachel Fredrickson Grays Harbor PUD
2010 Matt Hollis Skamania PUD
2009 Lewis Schooler, Curt Brewer, Steve Kozial, Brian Saunders, Steve Horner, Chuck Hansen, Farrell Coulsen, Jesse Martin, Steve Kerr Grant PUD
2009 Todd Gaston Benton PUD
2009 Ashley Stimmel Clark Public Utility
2008 No recipient  
2007 RJ Fronsman & Josh Noga Grant PUD
2006 Mike McBee, Dan Dean, Barry Balvitsch & Dean Oberlander Franklin PUD
2005 Brenna Morris, Kary Meredith, Nate Rogers & Dave Johnson Grant PUD
2004 Mike Snyder, Hiland Hoiland, Brent Darnell & Darren Robertson Douglas PUD
2003 Kathy Weston, jan Ralston & Mike McClean Clark Public Utilities

WPUDA Educational Scholarship

The WPUDA Educational Scholarship is awarded annually to a high school student who is the son or daughter of a PUD employee in Washington. Formerly the Walkley Scholarship, the Educational Scholarship recognize a dependent of a PUD employee and member of WPUDA. Each year, the Association seeks to award a $1,000.00 scholarship to a well-rounded student who demonstrates scholastic ability, community involvement, and thoughtful consideration of the services provided by PUDs.

Past Winners

2021 Katherine Taylor
Cheyenne Maggard
Mason PUD No.3
Clallam County PUD
2020 Abby Kay Grays Harbor PUD
2019 Jessica Dunlap, Macy 


Benton County PUD, Clark Public Utilities
2018 Jayson Maddux Clark Public Utilities
2017 Michael Darling Benton PUD
2016 Aspen Despain Douglas PUD
2015 Paul Bennett Mason County PUD No. 3
2014 Tiana Parker Thurston PUD
2013 Bowe McKay Lewis County PUD
2012 Kira Dunsmoor Pacific County PUD
2011 Nicholas Sargent Franklin PUD
2010 Daniel Thiel Klickitat PUD
2009 Marrisa Davidson Mason PUD #3
2008 Brent Etzkorn Chelan PUD
2007 Alexandria Rostvold Mason PUD #3
2006 Travis Zimmerman Pend Oreille PUD
2005 Anthony Butler Energy Northwest
2004 Desa-Ray McKinney Cowlitz PUD
2003 Thomas Creekpaum III Mason PUD #3
2002 Kellie Brennan Wahkiakum PUD
2001 Brianna Himlie Mason PUD #3
2000 Jessica Nave Snohomish PUD
1999 Jeremy Groth Ferry PUD
1998 Jennifer Gunkel Klickitat PUD
1997 Karen Muller Lewis PUD
1996 John Brust Snohomish PUD
1995 Kortney Dolan Pacific PUD
1994 Jason Holmes Lewis PUD
1993 Joe Louis Asotin PUD
1992 Taryn Pedersen Cowlitz PUD
1991 Melisa Smith Clallam PUD
1990 James Buechel Mason PUD #3
1989 Diane Ash Grant PUD
1988 Rhonda Sanders Klickitat PUD