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Connecting our Communities

Widely available and reliable access to broadband service is important to our state’s economic health, access to education and essential services, and quality of life.  Public utility districts play an important role in connecting communities by providing access to high-speed broadband service.

In 2000, PUDs were granted the authority to help bridge the digital divide by providing wholesale telecommunications services.  PUDs deploy high speed, robust broadband fiber and offer at-cost, open access to the fiber on a non-discriminatory basis. . 

In 2021 PUDs were provided retail telecommunications authority. 

Fast Facts (based on 2019 data)

  • PUDs have invested more than $509 million in broadband infrastructure.
  • PUDs have installed more than 7,900 miles of fiber.
  • PUD fiber connects more than 51,000 end-users to broadband service.
  • 156 retail internet service providers lease PUD fiber to serve their customers.


Formed by members of the Washington PUD Association, NoaNet offers long-haul transport and last-mile access to wholesale communication providers within a substantial portion of the Pacific Northwest.

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WPUDA is a member of the U.S. Broadband Coalition, dedicated to enabling America's broadband future

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